Pien de Haas (1959) experiences painting as a positive energy flow, crucial for life just like love: “Art from the heart”.

The love for the beauty of life is the main driving force for painting. In addition, the wonder of life. The quiet of the studio during the creative process gives a pleasant slowness to the already too fast existence. "From head to heart".

The themes of painting work are a broad reflection of life: from trees and flowers, heaven and earth, human and news to crowded beaches and old French wine glasses. But also the abstract imagination of wondering. Her painting style is mainly figurative expressive with the tendency to abstraction. She prefers to work with large canvases.

For several years, Pien de Haas has had classes or workshops by various artists, and she is also self-taught. In recent years various exhibitions at companies and institutions including the Lage Flank Gallery in Naarden and PopUP Museum Smaak in Amersfoort.





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             “Love is a huge component in my work"